CS3 Makes an Impact at Johnson Space Center

CS3 Makes an Impact at Johnson Space Center

March 2013

The JSC Ellington Field, NASA Aircraft Operations Division (AOD) has awarded Bicycle Patrol Officer, Mervin Overton, the “Newt Myers” Team Spirit award.  This award recognizes continued personal contribution and achievement on-the-job, every day, making the workplace more pleasant and efficient. His award included a Letter of Commendation that stated:

Left to right: Robert Smith, NASA Assistant Director, Flight Operation Systems; Mervin Overton, CS3 Bicycle Patrol; Janet Kavandi, NASA Director, Flight Crew Operations; and Richard Clark, NASA Chief, Aircraft Operations Division

“Mervin, you personify the drive and dedication that we want to see in all workers within AOD. Thank you for being a workforce multiplier by often starting and ending each of our work days with a friendly and positive attitude which beams out every time that we come through the gate.Your cheerfulness and engaging personality make the workplace more enjoyable and frankly more secure.  Your zeal and professionalism are respected by all that you encounter and you make AOD a great place to work.  You are quick to observe needs and are willing to help meet those needs whether it is your job or not.   You are an inspiration to those around you.  AOD will continue to be an outstanding organization with people of your quality on the team.  Thank you for your example!”  Congratulations, Mervin!

At the April 2013 JSC Spring Safety Fair, CS3 sponsored the Firearms Safety Simulator Booth. Visitors of the Booth were given instruction on general firearm safety rules including proper grip, aiming techniques and handling a weapon safely.  They were then able to practice their firearm safety knowledge on a scenario-based firearm simulator. This simulator places participants in the type of situations that law enforcement officer’s encounter while testing their reaction time and ability to recall safety measures in a stressful situation.
Special Response Team Captain Russ Tucker (left) provides firearms safety instruction to NASA employees