CS3 receives Safety and Health Excellence Award from NASA Johnson Space Center

CS3 receives Safety & Health Excellence Award from NASA Johnson Space Center

February 2014

As stated in the notice of selection dated February 21, 2014:

"The Johnson Space Center (JSC) Contractor Affairs Safety Committee (CASC) & Contractor Safety & Health Forum (CSF) has created the CSF Safety & Health Excellence Award to recognize contractor organizations that have demonstrated Excellence in Safety and Health and significant participation in JSC Safety and Health activities.

Mr. Kenneth D. Cameron, CSF Chair, and Mr. William S. McArthur, Director, JSC Safety and Mission Assurance are pleased to inform you that the selection committee has awarded you the 2013 CSF Safety & Health Excellence Award –NOVA, which will be presented at the March 18, 2014 Contractor Safety & Health Forum Awards Ceremony. Your management and employee representatives are invited to attend and receive your award.

Each candidate submitted their respective application with OSHA incidence rate safety data, management and employee participation level in the CSF, CASC and JSAT meetings and a description of their safety best practices, safety innovations and service to the JSC community. The information submitted was evaluated and scored by an Awards Committee consisting of contractor representatives. The Awards Committee reviewed the submissions to determine if the candidates met the required criteria and if so, the Safety Excellence Awards level. The awards are presented in three levels: Stellar, Nova and Super Nova.

Again, congratulations and we look forward to presenting your award."